Monday, 28 July 2014

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CSI SAFE 2014 v14: lanzado en Diciembre 2013, la mas reciente version para el diseño de cimentaciónes y losas de concreto. CSI SAFE integra las etapas de estructuracion - modelamiento, analisis y diseño de ingeniería en una interfaz intuitiva y de facil uso.  

Sunday, 20 July 2014

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CSI SAFE v14 2014: Launched in December 2013, the latest version for the design of foundations and concrete slabs. CSI SAFE integrates the steps of structuring - modeling, analysis and engineering design in an intuitive and easy to use interface.

Generation models quickly and efficiently with sophisticated drawing tools; and import options for AutoCAD, spreadsheets or database programs: Slabs, silverplate, area elements or foundations of any shape, with edges encurvados, circular or striated; variable or staggered risers, ribbed, etc.. 

Post-tensioning can be introduced into slabs and beams to balance a percentage of own weight. Suspended slabs 1 D, 2-way, membranes, and ribbed framing systems. 
Models can include columns, braces, walls and rails (straight or curved) connected from the floors above and below. 

Mats and foundations can include Non-linear behavior of soil materials and Nonlinear Cracked Analysis. With CSI SAFE can be automatically or manually generate surface charges and stripes design of reinforcement. Design of finite element (no stripes) is also useful for slabs with complex geometries. 

Global templates and customizable reports are available for all results of analysis and design. Detailed drawings (sections, elevations, notes and tables) can preview and export to AutoCAD and print.


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