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download Microsoft WINDOWS 8.1 PRO + Media Center [English, Spanish, multi-languaje] [32 / 64 bits 1 ISO] [+ KMS pico / microsoft Toolkit]

UPDATED (24 - August - 2014)
We announced the version of Windows 8.1 PRO, which we call Windows 8 Developer. Windows 8.1 PRO is designed to give great value to all users, from consumers to small and large businesses. And I take this opportunity to emphasize the improvements we have made in the product for our business customers.

Windows 8.1 PRO is excellent for business customers because it delivers the experience that people like and enterprise-level capabilities that an IT department needs to ensure that their applications and data are well managed and safe:
Windows 8.1 PRO is Windows redesigned, from the chipset to the user experience. This means that Windows 8.1 PRO will deliver devices and user experiences that will come to love. With support for both Intel and ARM chipsets, Windows 8.1 PRO is perfectly designed for a wide range of hardware from the thin tablets with touch screen (touch) and Ultrabooks laptops to large and powerful all in one devices (All-in -one)
With Windows 8.1 PRO tablet, users will experience "without limitation". Windows 8.1 PRO delivers a tactile experience ("touch-first") as well as with full support for keyboard and mouse.
Windows 8.1 PRO reduces the amount of memory and the energy it needs, and Windows 8 will operate on an ARM chipset with a new design of power consumption mode "Connected Standby" (standby mode connected), similar to how use a mobile phone today.
Windows 8.1 PRO will help people stay productive by ensuring corporate security standards as these are becoming more mobile. An important improvement of the system is the ability to run Windows 8.1 PRO from a USB device. With Windows 8.1 PRO, you can put your full corporate computer to a USB device and be able to work from it safely by simply connecting to any PC.
Windows 8.1 PRO offers improvements to the system's capabilities to deliver with Windows 7 such as DirectAccess, BranchCache and support for Mobile Broadband, which makes Windows 8.1 PRO easier to deploy and manage - giving the potential to improve productivity and save costs in their business.
With Windows 8.1 PRO continue to offer features that improve safety and reliability of the systems in your organization. Features that validate the integrity of the system startup (boot), improvements to BitLocker that can encrypt faster disks, or features that ensure that data is available only to those who should have access to this data.
Windows 8.1 PRO improves support for Virtualization, and provide a better user experience when working on a stage VDI (virtual desktop infrastructure). In addition, Windows 8.1 PRO is the first Windows Client Operating System to include Hyper-V.
Las Apps son en el centro de la experiencia de Windows 8.
Are alive with activity and vibrant content. Users will be immersed in "apps" style "Metro", with which can focus on content rather than the operating system itself. Windows 8 offers a new range of opportunities for their developers. We've made ​​it easy for them to develop rich applications using more software languages​​. Developers will also be able to deliver unified applications for both the PC, the mobile phone to the browser. With one click, users can switch between the "apps" style "Metro" and desktop applications today use Windows 7.


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